“Save My Marriage Today”

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“Save My Marriage Today” is definitely one of the best save marriage books available online. Which is no surprise really because it quickly cuts to the core reasons why a marriage might be failing, and offers simple easy-to-follow advice and techniques to help you get things back on track. The advice works surprisingly well whether you’re a newly wed or have been married for decades.

Written by Amy Waterman, a relationship expert and writer, this excellent save marriage book has helped thousands of married couples transform their troubled marriages into healthy thriving ones.

Especially attractive is the fact that the author is giving away 5 bonus marriage and relationship ebooks AND a free email consultation where you get to ask questions specific to your marital situation and get personal advice from a panel of experts

GOOD NEWS!! The author is offering a free mini e-course that covers the signs of potential divorce, what to do when the love is gone, and 25 marriage killers and how to deal with them. This is totally free and only requires your email address.  We give “Save My Marriage Today” a full 5 out of 5 stars.


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“Save The Marriage”

Written by Dr Lee Baucom, a professional family and marriage counselor with 20 years experience, “Save The Marriage” is an outstanding save marriage book from an expert who has achieved 90% success in helping couples save their marriages.

The book debunks beliefs like a marriage cannot be saved by only one spouse (it shows you exactly how you can save your marriage alone without your husband’s or wife’s initial involvement). It also addresses the misconception that better communication will help or that there is only one path on the way from divorce to a healthy marriage (the author shows you 8 different paths).

In a nutshell, this extraordinary save marriage book offers you a deeper understanding of what has gone wrong with your marriage, how to save it, and how to start creating the marriage of your dreams.

Includes excellent bonuses like two marriage help audio recordings and a free email consultation with the good doctor.  “Save The Marriage” gets 4 out of 5 stars from us.


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“Bring Back The Love Of Your Life”

While not specifically a save marriage book, “Bring Back The Love Of Your Life” offers a powerful 4 step strategy that has proven to be effective in mending relationships.

Together with the book, you will receive a companion workbook that transforms this strategy into a specific action plan, as well as a very comprehensive training program comprising relationship video lessons and blueprints. These are just two of 7 extremely relevant marriage and relationship books bonuses that come with the main book.

However, this book gets only 3 stars from us because the author, Cucan Pemo, is not a professional counselor or a relationship expert. Rather, his book is based on his own experience and how he turned around his failing marriage. As such, he brings more of a man-in-the-street approach to saving your marriage which you might appreciate more.


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